Kjellberg laser

For some tasks, the Kjellberg laser is the better choice over plasma cutting. Our fibre lasers come in 1 kW, 2 kW, 4kWand 6 kW versions.

A unique feature is that Kjellberg’s solution combines height control, gas control and a laser cutting head in one system. Add to that a database containing all the cutting parameters.

The XFocus laser unit provides a complete solution for cutting and laser marking of mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium with a material thickness of up to 20 mm.

The XFocus is an all-in-one system with height control, gas control and a laser cutting head. Ready to be set up as a complete package on a cutting table, just like a plasma power source. It can be used individually or combined with a plasma cutting machine or with other tools.

The XFocus is compatible with all existing plasma cutting systems and comes with an integrated database, so you can select the optimum parameters according to the quality and capabilities of the cutting table.

Kjellberg laser

This machine also offers nine different cutting speeds to suit the material type and thickness. A user-friendly interface allows you to set the parameters for a smooth cutting process.

  • Kjellberg’s XFocus lasers are unique in their design and – like plasma power sources – offer an all-in-one solution with gas control, height control, cutting head and cutting parameters.
  • This brings the fibre laser within reach of any machine manufacturer. The database contains several parameters for each material type and thickness, as well as options that vary according to the capabilities of the cutting table.
  • This means the XFocus can be used on an existing plasma cutting table. The operation of high-performance machines can also be optimised to their highest speed setting.


  • XFocus 1000
  • XFocus 2000
  • XFocus 4000
  • XFocus 6000

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